Over the last hundred years and more, many anthropologists have conducted extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Morocco. This conference aims at providing a broad and critical overview of the evolving anthropological scholarship on Moroccan society, from the earliest area studies by Westermarck to views of Morocco´s present in the twenty-first century.

The aims of this conference are:

-To explore contemporary social and cultural dynamics, to communicate the results of fieldwork done in Morocco, and to share ethnographical, ethnological, and anthropological research.

-To examine theoretical and methodological perspectives employed by different researchers

-To facilitate dialogue between scholars of different backgrounds working on Morocco and disseminate the latest thinking and research

-To bring together researchers (pre-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, professors) working in the anthropology of Morocco, and to provide an international forum for the interaction of researchers

-To move beyond stereotypical representations of Morocco and Moroccans in order to improve our understanding of contemporary social and cultural processes


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